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My Talking Angela – Digital Pet

My talking angela is so well known as digital pet that loved by childs around the world. Does this app is truly safe for your children?? Parents can be forgiven for being spooked by the suggestion that a cutesy talking cat app is actually a front for a paedophile ring, as one of the hoax messages claimed. They’ve spawned a series of popular YouTube videos in partnership with Disney, as well as a range of physical toys.

talking angela

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Arcane Legends Cheats

Arcane Legends is one of the best MMORPG on mobile. this game is all about u playing a legendary hero destined to save the land of Arlor from an evil demon. Monsters and bandits are running amok throughout the forests, hills, and undead cities, and you’ll gather amazing powers and loot as you run through the dungeons slaying everything that moves. just like kings road hack ,  and Pocket Legends, they have a same engine.

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The pets, skills, and party interactions give Arcane Legends a lot of depth, but it is a little short on breadth. Players are capped at level 21, and there are only three major areas in the game’s storyline. Each area has four or five zones, and an skilled party can run through an entire area in about an hour. There are also some challenging timed dungeons ‘under’ the game’s cities, but these are little more than random collections of monsters and loot.

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Tutorial Newbie Guide to Summoners War


The purpose of this guide is to answer some of the most common questions and topics new players have about the game. As a result this guide only addresses easily obtainable monsters.

Since this is a guide for new players, I won’t address 4* or 5* Natural monsters. Every natural 4* and 5* is arguably good though some are easier and more versatile to use than others.If you are, however, one of the devilishly lucky newbies who net yourself a 4* or 5* monster, please check out the Monster Ratings & Rankings guide linked above.

Below is table highlighting all the 2 and 3* monsters you never knew were worthy of keeping until the end of time!

Top Tier Natural 2 & 3 Star Monsters
Monster (Awakened Name) Star Grade Role Rune Build (Slot 2,4,6) Obtainable From Remarks
Wind Pixie (Shannon) 2 Support Swift + Energy/Focus (SPD, HP%, HP%)
Despair+ Energy (SPD, HP%,ACC%)
Uncommon Scroll Secret Dungeon Shop An excellent buffer and debuffer, Shannon plays a central role in teams for Giants, Dragons, ToA, and even Arena with her attack and defense boosts.
Water Garuda (Konamiya) 2 Support Swift + Energy (SPD/HP%/HP%) Uncommon Scroll Secret Dungeon Shop Resurge and Peace make this bird invaluable in teams needing healing from negative debuffs. A key member in late game Dragons and ToA teams.
Wind Warbear (Ragamos) 2 Attack Energy (HP%/HP%/HP%) Uncommon Scroll Secret Dungeon Shop Useful against bosses, in dungeons, and against tanky opponents like Epikon Priest, Ragamos’ Cleanshot can easily do over 20k damage.
Light Vagabond (Darion) 2 Defense Energy (HP%/HP%/HP%) Violent + Revenge (HP%/HP%/HP%) Secret Dungeon
A central part of most late game arena defense; Darion helps keep teams alive even against Giants.
Water Howl (Lulu) 2 Support Swift + Energy (SPD/HP%/HP%) Uncommon Scroll
Secret Dungeon Shop
With frequent heals and debuff removal, Lulu quickly replaces Water Fairy as a primary healer.
Light Howl (Shushu) 2 Support Swift + Energy (SPD/HP%/HP%) Secret Dungeon
L&D Scroll
Like Lulu but with stronger heals.
Wind Griffin (Bernard) 3 Support Swift + Focus/Energy (SPD/HP%/HP%) Uncommon Scroll Mystical Scroll
Secret Dungeon
One of the best speed buffers in game, Bernard is an integral part of Giants teams and great in Arena too.
Water Mystical Witch (Megan) 3 Support Swift + Focus/Energy (SPD/HP%/ACC%) Uncommon Scroll Mystical Scroll Offering a bigger attack boost than Shannon and capable of blocking buffs, Megan is useful in both arena and dungeons.
Fire Inugami (Raoq) 3 Attack Swift/Fatal + Energy/Blade (Spd/Atk%/Atk%) Uncommon Scroll Mystical Scroll
A powerful attacker, Roaq is useful everywhere and can even solo dungeons when built with Vampire Runes. Can be built with speed.
Light Inugami (Belladeon) 3 Support Swift + Energy (SPD/HP%/HP%) Swift + Focus (SPD/HP%/ACC%) Secret Dungeon
L&D Scroll
One of the best support monsters, Belladeon shines in Arena Defense, TOA, Dragons, and Giants.
Light Bearman (Ahman) 3 Support Blade + Energy (HP%/C.R%/HP%) Violent + Energy (HP%/C.R%/HP%) Secret Dungeon
L&D Scroll
A top healer, Ahman is useful in Dungeons, Arena Defense, Giants, and Dragons.
Wind Living Armor (Copper) 3 Defense Guard (DEF%/DEF%/DEF%) Vampire + Guard (DEF%/DEF%/DEF%) Uncommon Scroll Mystical Scroll With strong attack and high defense, Copper can easily do over 20k damage and can solo B10 dragons in Vampire build.
Water Lizardman (Kernodon) 3 Defense Guard (DEF%/DEF%/DEF%) Violent + Guard (DEF%/DEF%/DEF%) Uncommon Scroll Mystical Scroll
Mt. Runar
With ridiculously high defense, this monster can survive almost anything while his DOTS make him great for Dragons and Giants.
Wind Lizardman (Velfinodon) 3 Defense Guard (DEF%/DEF%/DEF%) Violent + Guard (DEF%/DEF%/DEF%) Uncommon Scroll Mystical Scroll Like Kernodon but with a revenge passive skill.
Light Fairy (Neal) 3 Support Fatal + Energy (ATK%,ATK%,/ATK%) Secret Dungeon
L&D Scroll
Referral Reward
Her strong heals and invincibility make Neal great for Giants.
Water Epikon Priest (Rina) 3 Support Energy (HP%/HP%/HP%) Energy + Endure (HP%/HP%/HP%) Uncommon Scroll Mystical Scroll Mana shield and HP based attacks makes Rina an excellent tank. Build with resist sub-stats to get 100% resist and she’s great Arena Defense.

So now that you know what to keep, let’s see about getting them runes to make them truly shine!

Whether you’ve been lucky enough to summon an Occult Girl or are stuck with a lowly Golem, you won’t last long without good runes.
If you did the tutorial or read the ingame Help section, you should know where to get runes, but since most people don’t you can get the summary below.

For More on Runes check out:

Where to Find Runes

In addition to their native dungeons (like Garen Forest or Vografus), runes can be found in Shops or in Cairos in the following:
Giants: Energy, Fatal, Blade, Focus, Swift, Rage, Guard
Dragons: Endure, Violent, Will, Nemesis, Shield, Revenge, Despair, Vampire

Where to Get 4*, 5*, and 6* Runes:
4* Runes- B2 and Up Giants or Dragons; Hard Mode Boss, Hell Mode Stage
5* Runes –B5 and Up of Giants or Dragons; Hell Mode Boss of their native dungeon
6* Runes – B6 and Up Giants or Dragons

Rune Slots

You’ll notice when placing runes that they’ll have a number in brackets after the name and that your monster’s slots also have numbers. These correspond to the slot. So Fatal Rune (1) goes in slot 1, and so on. Capiche?

Slots 1, 3, and 5 are always Flat and Static. That means they never have a % version and always are Slot 1 +Attack , Slot 3 +Defense, and Slot 5 +HP.

Slots 2, 4, and 6 are Dynamic and can be any either + or % and can all be HP, Attk, or Def. The exception is Speed which is always slot 2 and flat, CR. Damage% which is always slot 4, and ACC% which always slot 6.

Rune Stats & Upgrading

Runes have two types of stats, Primary Stats which increase each time you level up a rune, and Sub Stats that level up at every 3 successful upgrades.

When you looked at Rune builds, they’re talking about Primary Stats.
Sub Stats are more advanced, so I won’t go in depth, but they work like this:
Say you have a Magical Rune (the Green Runes) that’s never been upgraded. It’s a Slot 2 %ATTK (the Primary stat), but in small letters it has SPD +2 and HP +5%.
When you upgrade the rune to +3, the HP +5% will increase by a random value, at +6 it will increase again, and at +9-+15 you’ll get new sub-stats added on.

Upgrading runes is a risky business and it’s not suggested that you Upgrade 4* runes past +9.

As a rule of thumb:
A 1* rune at + 15 is the same as a 2* rune at +9, a 2* rune at +15 is the same as a 3* rune at +6, and so on. The exception is 5* and 6* runes which are very close in stats.

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